Benevolent Vision

10767 National Place
Unit B
Los Angeles, CA 90034
United States of America


Benevolent Vision is a unique firm specializing in a wide range of consulting services for the philanthropic community. Founded in 1998, by Ranlyn Tilley Hill, J.D., Benevolent Vision (BV) has had the privilege of working with many wonderful organizations dedicated to making a difference in their communities, including those addressing healthcare, child and family services, education, the environment, the homeless, hunger, U.S. veterans, the mentally disabled, the physically challenged and animal welfare.

No one should have to struggle to survive...especially the organizations created to assist those in need. Now more than ever, a keen focus is necessary for charities to survive and thrive. Benevolent Vision is committed to empowering our nonprofit clients in furthering their missions. By providing expert counsel, strategic planning, fundraising and policies/procedures services, BV enables clients to better serve their beneficiaries, and allows the nonprofits to focus on what they do best -- operate life-enhancing programs for those in need.

Ms. Hill and her associates feel truly blessed to represent individuals, organizations and corporate foundations dedicated to making their communities a better place. For BV, it is a privilege to assist these entities in turning their visions into realities. Let us know how BV can help you achieve your benevolent vision and make a difference in our world.