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Build a Donor Centered System -- Cultivate your donors, prospects & advocates.
Increase Productivity -- Use time and resources when & where they count.
Produce Results -- Increase your capacity with ever growing demands.
We Specialize in Data Management -- We give each and every client award winning expertise!.
@EASE is so Advanced it's Friendly! Are we repeating ourselves?

@EASE - Donor Centered Fund Development Software
Build content which supports Relationships – cultivate donors & prospects.
Be Productive - use your time and resources effectively through @EASE.
Leave a Legacy of Knowledge - to support a sustainable future.
Data Analysis - at your figure tips.
Donate Now for online donations, ticket sales, registrations.
Raise Funds with Ease for peer to peer fundraising.
Information Specialists - Batsch Group helps you achieve your goals.
*** Information, Knowledge & Time *** The Building Blocks of Success.
***** If you want power, intelligence, time and value we need to connect. *****

All your information in one place to increase productivity.
Robust Reports and Exports – we write the queries.
A Toolkit of all electronic files linked to donors, funders and media.
Clean, uncluttered screens to enhance your focus.
Cloud or Installed.
Be amazed that such a powerful solution works so easily.
One solution with no additional modules to buy.
Our price does not increase with your success.
Contact us for a demo. We are sure to amaze you.
Watch our video … Does Fundraising Software Need To Be So Difficult?
We are the author of:
From Chaos to Control Build a High Performance Team Using Knowledge Management
We understand data, your time and fundraising. We are here to help you succeed.
@EASE is an all inclusive package with no modules or hidden costs.
Azure Cloud or Installed to suite your needs.
@EASE lets you keep all your contact information for donors, prospects, contacts and advocates in one place!
@EASE features robust profiling including links to social networking sites, documents, websites, presentations and more.
We help you create order through the EASE Knowledge Management System to organize your electronic toolkit.
Never write a complex query, EVER AGAIN!
Complete, accurate information is available when you want it.
Reports provide useful fund development tools and you can run them yourself without interrupting other staff members.
Minimalist Approach - clean and uncomplicated windows@EASE lets you shine.
@EASE is a smart solution used by charities who want to run a high performance organization.
Read our book: From Chaos to Control Build a High Performance Team using Knowledge Management
Contact us for a demo. We can't wait to excite you with the possibilities!

***** The Batsch Group Team *****
? Book: From Chaos to Control, by Sharron Batsch
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Link to this video: Does Fundraising Software Need To Be So Difficult?
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