Top 5 Reasons You Need to Talk to Huntsinger & Jeffer

1. “H&J has helped our clients produce more revenue, at the lowest possible cost, for 55 years. What sets us apart is our skill at developing solutions to clients’ challenges and finding new avenues for revenue growth. These include opportunities like mid-level donor programs and giving clubs—two areas where we have special expertise.” – Cheryl Martin, CEO

2. “One of H&J’s key strengths is the ability to provide comprehensive donor data and results analysis so we can constantly refine and strengthen our strategy and tactics. This helps us know what works and, more important, why it works.” – Kelly Woodward President

3. “Another reason we have been so successful for so long is our commitment to making our clients' jobs easier. We do this by putting together realistic, data-based recommendations, developing copy and art that are driven by each client's strategic objectives, and flawlessly executing every facet of production.” – Willis Turner, Creative Director

4. “Having an in-house list broker provides huge benefits for our clients. Because we work directly with the account executives and creative, we can drill down to the level of segmentation to match creative packages to the most responsive lists for each message. And we can further expand the donor base through modeling, profiling, appending…whatever works to deliver the lists that deliver results. It’s like bulls-eye targeting.” – Shannon Holleman, Manager, H&J List Services

5. “Because H&J’s focus is on results, we know how to zero in on the most emotional parts of a client’s mission. Then we craft customized messaging, across all the relevant media, that motivates donors and prospects to donate, join, buy, or take action. I honestly don’t think anyone does this better.” – Ken Hohman, Sr. Writer

If you aren’t talking to H&J about your fundraising or membership program, there’s a good chance you’re leaving money on the table. Get in touch today!