Carol Enters List Company (CELCO), was founded over 30 years ago to provide list brokerage and list management services for the non-profit community. The company was acquired by Barbara Sims in 2001.

CELCO has continued to grow and has been fortunate to build a strong client base while establishing a solid reputation for superior service and sound, knowledgeable fundraising expertise. The CELCO staff includes a team of dedicated professionals with over 75 years of combined direct marketing experience. Our knowledge goes way beyond the basics of lists and encompasses issues that affect all mailers, including; marketing and industry trends, analysis, fundraising development, merge purge, direct mail production, taxes, postal rates, online and privacy issues.

We are working harder than ever to offer our clients superior list services. CELCO staff possess the knowledge and tools to offer our clients the value-added services necessary to augment their programs:

List Acquisition List Management
Results Analysis Segmentation Analysis
Healthy List Report – Long Term Value and Strategy
Market Comparisons Expense Audits
Budget Planning Merge Management
Email & Address Appends Email Marketing
Prospect and House Modeling Merge Optimization
Chronic Non-Responder Online Acquisition

We utilize state of the art technology in our planning and analysis. We work with a wide array of non profits with tremendous strength in many markets, including: Advocacy, Animal Rights, Environmental Protection, International and National Relief, Health, Seniors, Children, LGBT Rights, Cultural/Arts and much more!

?ROI and long-term value assessment