Throughout North America, we strive to offer a first-class, results-oriented approach for non-profits interested in maximizing their fundraising results. Through our face-to-face channels, which include door-to-door canvassing, street marketing, mall kiosks and event marketing, we produce measurable results. Exceeding client expectations while being cost-effective has established us as a leader in the industry. Our full-service approach means we handle all aspects of the program, such as database management, marketing, design, printing, call centre services, feedback channels and much more.

Our Success: The Personal Approach
Our method and technique is simple and has proven to be the most effective way to acquire new and loyal donors for our clients: by applying a friendly, face-to-face approach to our fundraising strategies. We meet directly with donors, and through this, are able to dramatically increase our clients’ donor base without dramatically increasing their marketing and acquisition budget!

What We Do
Our fully trained representatives speak directly to individuals, in person, raising awareness for our clients and their programs. Our fundraisers truly believe in the causes they represent and the result is an honest and engaging dialogue with their audience. It is through this type of personal interaction that potential donors are able to fully realize the difference they can make by participating in our clients’ programs. Our goal is to engage these individuals, then assist them in committing long-term to the organization they choose to donate to.

We are the Results People!