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Why choose New River Communications to help you?

We’re the Right Fit – While our agency has produced work for some of the largest and most prestigious non-profits in the industry, our full-service retainer clients are mid-sized charities seeking to grow their files and renew and upgrade donors. This is where NRC excels. We’re proud that our clients tend to be long-term – a testament to the success we’ve helped them achieve and to the high level of creative, strategy and service we provide.

Multi-Channel Integrated Solutions – It’s essential to connect with and engage donors via as many channels and platforms as possible – by standard mail, Email, Facebook, Twitter, web advertising, crowd funding, etc. Supporters who are connected with you by more than one channel, give more often, make larger gifts, and have a higher lifetime value. We’re experienced at creating and managing on-line campaigns, e-blasts, social media, and other multi-media work. We’re also able to work seamlessly with in-house or third-party teams to tie direct mail to multi-channel campaigns.

Award-Winning Appeals – The Direct Marketing Association of Washington DC (DMAW), one of the premiere associations in our industry, has consistently recognized our work, including awarding us with their prestigious “Big Idea” (best of show) prize. (The DMAW awards are based not just on creative – clever and attractive packages are a dime a dozen – but on results.) We’re not out to win awards to make us look good, but rather in producing creative campaigns that represent your organization in its best light – and that work to bring in big funds!

Independent Agency – Unlike some agencies, we have no vested interest in recommending packages based on what particular formats “our shop” can produce. That’s because we have no shop – we don’t own or have a stake in any production facility. That gives us the flexibility to let the strategy drive the creative – and not the other way around. The only question that drives our recommendations: What are the most effective packages that we can mail for you?

Our Strategic Partners – We work closely with some of the best specialists in the business. For example, working with VeraData, our analytics/modeling/lists partner, we’ve cut the cost to acquire donor costs by nearly half for one of our clients. Working with another trusted partner, DonorTrends, we analyze client files and can provide sophisticated analyses that taps into opportunities, trends, and areas of success with your donor base. This information drives future strategy – and all fees for these services are covered 100% in NRC’s monthly retainer!

We’re Collaborators with You – Unlike some agencies, we’ll never give you the “we know all, and you know nothing” attitude. We believe that you know your organization and its mission better than anyone and that you may have great ideas of your own that we can implement together. We’ll bring you our best ideas and work with your best ideas to create the most successful direct response program possible.

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